Renting a canopy for your event can be a daunting process. We have created this page to answer our most frequently asked canopy questions. We hope to share with you how the quoting process works, what fees go into the cost, best canopy
sizes and additional information regarding our canopy rentals. We hope that the information provided will help you make informed decisions about your canopy rentals.

What size canopy do I need?

We have a selection of canopy sizes ranging from 10×10′ to 60’x160′. We have included some sample canopy layouts online for we know peoples needs vary. Our experienced team is available during business hours to help you narrow down your options. There
are also hundreds of calculators online available to point you to the best size for your event and give you an idea of how others have laid out their events under that canopy. Some factors to consider: What will you be doing under
the canopy? (Drinks, dancing, just dinner, serving food, as an awning for rain etc.) How many guests do you expect? If limited, what are the actual dimensions of the space for the canopy? If applicable, what restrictions and requirements
for canopies and deliveries does my venue have? Is there a slope? How close can the delivery driver get to the space to install the canopy?  When will you need the canopy delivered and picked up?

Can you come out to my event site to help me choose the right canopy size?

If you need more guidance deciding what is best, we do offer on-site consultations for a small fee.  If you ultimately decide to rent a canopy from us, the consultation fee will be applied to the cost of your rental.

How does delivery and set-up work and how much does it cost?

For most of our canopies (20×20′ and larger) the install cost is included in the cost of the canopy. This means our friendly staff will install and secure your canopy for you. We do the install on these canopies for the safety of you and your guests.
Delivery and pickup are not included in this cost. Please contact our store by phone for an official quote including delivery and pickup at your event site. For pop-up canopies, (10×10′ and 10×15′) the setup is not included in the
cost of the rental. Setup, breakdown, delivery and pickup costs are additional.

How much do I have to pay to reserve my canopy?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of reservation for all canopies 20×20′ and larger. The remainder is due the day before the delivery is scheduled.

When should I reserve my canopy?

All of our canopies are rented on a first-come-first-serve basis so the sooner you can reserve your canopy the more likely it will be that it is available. We are sometimes able to accommodate short-notice rentals, so please call our store and explain
your situation. In general, 2-3 months notice is best and 4+ months notice if your event is during our busy season (May-September).

Do I need sandbags, water barrels or stakes?

In many circumstances, your canopy may be secured in place using stakes at no additional cost to you In some instances you may also need to factor in the cost of water barrels or sandbags into your canopy planning. If your canopy will be placed over asphalt,
pavement, brick, pavers, or other hard surface water barrels may be necessary. Check with your venue or property owner regarding specific rules, as some prefer not to have stakes inserted on their property, even on grass. Lastly, underground
water lines, and sprinkler systems may interfere with the install of canopy stakes. Some local venues will flag these underground obstructions before we come in to ensure the best placement. For pop-up canopies,
sandbags are available for rent. These are ideal for securing a canopy over cement, asphalt, or pavers but not always necessary. We recommend these during low-speed windy weather. Stakes are available upon request for $5. The amount
of water barrels needed for canopies 20×20′ and larger will vary based on location of install and weather. Typically we will use one barrel to every canopy leg. Please check the product page to determine the number of legs for your
desired canopy. If water barrels are needed, please contact your venue before the event and confirm if and where a water source will be for filling the barrels. We can pre-fill barrels if no water source is available but we must
know before the delivery.

Do you have canopies with walls?

If you need an enclosed canopy, we have both windowed and non-windowed sidewall to fit your needs. 10X10′ and 10X15′ canopies have solid sidewall only and are priced per side. Other canopies are priced per linear foot. Consider how many sides or the length
you may need. Please see our website for pricing details. An additional refundable deposit may be required for self-install of canopy sidewalls. Call for additional information or assistance when deciding how much sidewall you will

My venue has a canopy already, can I rent just the sidewall separately?

Our sidewall is available for outside canopies as long as they are compatible. Install is extra and a refundable deposit may be required. Please note that because canopies vary in height our sidewall may leave a gap at the base of the canopy.

How do I put 2 or more canopies together?

Gutters are available for some canopies to bridge between two or more canopies. This can be a great option for creating a unique size or shape.  Please call for more information on cost and placement.

Do you have canopy lighting?

We have both canopy flood lights as well as decorative string lights. The install of canopy floodlights is included in the cost of the rental. Cafe lights are available to light the perimeter of your canopy and can be installed for an additional fee.
For lighting in other configurations, please contact our team by phone, email or stop by our showroom to discuss your vision and get a custom lighting and install quote.

How do I heat my canopy in cold weather?

Heating is another item to consider with the cost of your canopy rental. We have specialized
canopy heaters (uses propane and electricity) or
patio heaters (only propane) which can be used sparingly to help heat your canopy. Using propane fuel requires some ventilation for safety.

What happens if we have really windy weather?

On rare occasions, high-wind weather may render our canopies unsafe for use. The actual wind speed that we consider unsafe may vary by location. Safety is our highest concern and we will not deliver a canopy into what we deem to be unsafe conditions.
If your canopy install is cancelled because of wind, your rental cost will be refunded, due to this being unforeseen circumstances entirely outside of your control.

As always, please feel free to call us, email or visit our showroom for more information. Our knowledgeable staff are happy to devise a custom quote for you and assist you with finding the best canopy options to fit your needs.