11″ Latex Balloons





Standard 11″-12″ latex balloons last 10-15 hours. We recommend hi-float if you need balloons to last longer than that time frame.


Additional information

Balloon Type

Helium, Helium With Hi-Float, Unfilled (Single w/o helium)

Latex Balloon Colors

Carribean Blue, Chocolate Brown, Chrome Blue, Chrome Copper, Chrome Green, Chrome Mauve, Chrome Purple, Chrome Rose Gold, Chrome Silver, Coral, Dark Blue, Diamond Clear, Gold, Gray, Green, Lime Green, Onyx Black, Orange, Pale Blue, Pearl Black Onyx, Pearl Burgundy, Pearl Emerald Green, Pearl Lavender, Pearl Lemon Chiffon, Pearl Light Blue, Pearl Magenta, Pearl Manderine Orange, Pearl Midnight Blue, Pearl Mint Green, Pearl Pink, Pearl Quartz Purple, Pearl Ruby Red, Pearl Saphire Blue, Pearl White, Pink, Purple Violet, Red, Silver, Spring Green, Spring Lilac, White, Wintergreen, Yellow

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